About Us





Welcome to Crank Coffee!  We are Jen and Cory Love and we are serious about coffee and cycling.  

Cory's love of riding and racing bikes started in his childhood - racing BMX through the 70's and 80's, then road and mountain biking in his twenties.

He and Jen met in 1992, got married, and developed what you might call an obsession with specialty coffee.  They began the adventure of becoming coffee roasters, starting their first coffee roasting business together in 2000. They were also starting the adventure of family and homeschooling, eventually adding five children to the crazy ride. 

As family and life became busier, Cory found it harder to ride consistently and started dreaming about a way to be able to have bicycling be integral to his business. Then, one sunny day in San Francisco, he saw a guy delivering coffee on a cargo bike and the idea for Crank Coffee was born.  

Our determination to support junior and women racers got kicked into gear over the last year and a half as kid number four, Gabe, got into the racing scene himself. Supporting juniors seemed natural as we've loved getting to know other junior racers. Then, after having conversations with young women about why there aren't more women in racing, we started to feel the pull of figuring out a way to support them as well. 

We decided to use our roasting business to raise that support, combining these two areas of our life. We would love for you join us on this ride.