Quality with a Cause

When you purchase Crank Coffee, you’ll enjoy the best coffee you’ve ever tasted and support amazing junior and women racers. Seriously delicious coffee and serious bicycle racing.

  • Sourcing

    We work with the finest specialty coffee importers to bring you the best coffees in the world. Our importers have the highest level of transparency, so we know the story behind the coffees we put on the floor. The farmers who grow our coffee are guaranteed a fair price for their labor and their product.

  • Roasting

    With over 22 years of experience and using custom roasting equipment designed and built by us, we are fanatical about our process and understand how to coax the best out of our coffees. We carefully roast each coffee to peak flavor. Whether it's a fruity Ethiopian, an earthy Sumatra or a chocolatey Central American, you can count on our signature roasting style for that old school sweetness that makes our customers say it's the best coffee they've ever had.

  • Supporting Junior & Women Racers

    We want to see more juniors (boys and girls) and women get involved with cycling! To help make that a reality, we give 10% of our proceeds to junior and women racers. When you buy Crank Coffee you are directly funding junior and women racers. For more info on how, click here.

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  • Milan-San Remo (our classic espresso blend)

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    Milan-San Remo    (our classic espresso blend)
  • Mexican Chiapas

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    Mexican Chiapas
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

    Regular price From $15.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price From $15.00 USD
    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Coffee Subscriptions

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    Coffee Subscriptions
  • T-Shirt

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  • Mug

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  • Josh Robertson (Portland, Oregon)

    "I had my first bag of coffee delivered by Crank. The Ethiopa is by far the best I've ever had and I'm excited to set up a weekly subscription."    

  • Jim Jonke, Oregon Bike Shop (Portland, Oregon)

    "Delivery of Crank Coffee to my bike shop saves me time. The best coffee West & East Coast. Bite into a Crank Coffee Bean!"

  • Kevin Schmidt, Physical Therapist/Owner of Pedal PT (Portland, OR.)

    "We've really enjoyed working with Cory at Crank Roasting, and the coffee is top notch. It's tough to cut through all the great coffee in this town, but Crank Roasting is worthy of high praise. Crank has become our go to coffee! " 

  • Janet McDonald (Wilsonville, OR)

    "Introduced to this amazing coffee when we won a bag at our kid's art school auction. We had no idea how amazing the taste would be. My husband is super picky about coffee and loves it. We're hooked!

  • Kevin Nichols (Corvallis, Oregon)

    "The Yirgacheffe is the best of its type. I was grieved when the bag was empty..."

  • Nathan Wright (Ballston, Oregon)

    "Amazing soulful product. Cory really cares about coffee and it shows."


  • Josephine Liu (Seattle, WA.)

    "I love Crank Coffee! Their roasts are subtle but bold and complex. I look forward every morning to my Crank Coffee made with the AeroPress!"